In William Gibson’s ‘Pattern Recognition’ the main protagonist suffers jet lag as they travel the world to conclude the novel’s narrative. The excuse for this time dislocation, that Gibson offers, is the soul needs more time to be reunited with the physical body. I’ve been feeling this separation acutely, my soul still trying to track me down from London, Kuala Lumpur to Sydney irrespective of the bed, host and location. In short I’ve not been sleeping well.

But last night in the 1930’s charm of the Binalong Hotel I slept like a baby. Freezing cold, no ensuit but absolute silence. I slept from 9pm until 6.30am. 

My soul has finally arrived.

5 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Dear William and Yasmin,

    We are waiting for you! And just a little bit worried. Sadly this heavy wet rain is going to continue until the end of the week. It must be very taxing on your chosen mode of transport. I’m not sure about your travelling ethos, but Mark and I just wanted to remind you that you are both welcome to come early – and stay longer at our place. August 3 is new moon night. We are just back from birthday lunch with Mum who is 85 today. She is a traditional Irish Catholic third-generation-immigrant, but she has always talked to us about the moon – and a new moon is, according to her, a time to pause.

    Also, I’m not using my car (Volkswagon Golf Auto) on Thursday, so you are welcome to use that.

    There seems to be a bit of a ‘pie’ theme happening on your blog, so we are planning a Wednesday night dinner of Gum Tree pies made in Yackandandah.

    Safe travels,

    Mark’s cousin, Bernadette.


    • Yes all good. 98km to Wagga Wagga and it rained the whole way today. We’d camped last night in Cootamundra so we were damp before we started so Cornwall was definitely good training. Finally dropping down out of the big hills and coming to the ‘Riviera’ planes of winter wheat and rape seed. Green and beautiful.


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