We stop at many roadside places for coffee, food, rest and sometimes shelter and are always surprised by everyone’s friendly interest in what we are doing. 

Cycling in Britain, Spain, France and Sweden has always been good but here in Australia it is genuinely different, perhaps because of the absence of a language barrier or because of recent settler history, people are really helpful.

We stopped at Workshop Coffee Shop in tiny Gunbower, on the off chance that they’d be open to discover they were closed as it was a Monday. The owner Sue, who’d passed us on the road earlier that day, beckoned us in as we were about to pedal away, serving us coffee and telling us much of her life in the Shire of Gannawarra. The shop was full of interesting historical objects and curios for people to buy. Her daughter and grandson popped in as we finished our coffee and momentarily we felt part of the rural life of this rugged place, the stories about the closed butter factory, the backpacking fruit pickers and the charity bike ride to raise money for a local hospital. 

It was easy to talk and to be made more than welcome by Sue. We were sad to have to leave. 

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