Yackandandah poem

Bern’s mother Agnes recalled this poem by O’Brien featuring the town which I’d meant to share ages ago:

Let poets sing of English girls
Their beauty and their candour;
Give me a sweeter nymph than all,
The lass of Yackandandah.

She draws a cork with such an air,
No mortal can withstand her;
She turns a tap, and turns our heads;
The lass of Yackandandah

6 thoughts on “Yackandandah poem

  1. You say this was written by ………………. O’Brien. Can you tell me who is was and who wrote the original Lass of Yackandandah


  2. How I am loving these posts. The poem is brilliant and the pics great. I am so pleased you traveling/biking all the areas I know well through my youth. Sontag I find brilliant but problematic. She too quickly turned a bit self-conscious. All well here in BORING NYC compared to your trip. Bern is taking her mother Agnes, and my mother to Melbourne on Thursday to see Degas. I have swung free tickets and a tour for them. They will love it I hope. Keep going …….. Mark in the heat, back from yoga in the heat, with sunburn in the heat …M
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