Australia stats

Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne; Perth, Wheat Belt, south Western Australia.

Distance ridden – 4,016km
Days riding – 37.5 (lots of half days)
Average daily distance – 107km
Longest day – 147km Nelson to Port Fairy 
Punctures – 1, at Narrung
Mechanicals – 1, rear gear cable snapped from Perth to York
Best camp – French Man’s Creek and Contos
Pies – 23
Best Pie – Wood Wood
Other touring cyclists – 2

Touring cyclists are a rare if not dying breed. The two we met were a Japaneese lady at Perth East station just arrived in Australia and a man cycling the Munda Biddi Trail who we were introduced to in Pemberton.

Since replacing my batteries on my ‘speedo’ in June 2016, before riding to Cornwall in the UK, we’ve ridden 5,033km. We clockup on rest days 30-40kms easily pottering about and seeing things which are not included in the above total. 

2 thoughts on “Australia stats

  1. Amazing!! What an incredible distance you have travelled. I bet you’ll be happy never to see a pie again! Love the posts. Take care both and keep safe.
    Elaine xx


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