My saddle has been creaking away since we arrived in Hanoi. 

I’d tightened both the seat post clamp and sitting bolts but nothing deadened the intermittent noise telling me that something wasn’t right with the bike. Then, whilst waiting outside the post office for Yasmin, I noticed the leather had slipped under the rivets and the main tensioning pin beneath the seat had actually sheared. The pin had bent upward, splitting under the tension of the leather as I ride, and was about to fail.

All our bikes have Brook’s saddles, we swear by them as being the most comfortable, but haven’t had this kind of problem before. With no other choice we returned again to The Hanoi Bicycle Collective, where they’re really starting to get to know us following their servicing of Yasmin’s bike, to find another saddle before we cycle out of Hanoi on Sunday. They, amazingly, were able to source a new B17 Brooks saddle within the same day of us asking. This city is full of surprises.

5 thoughts on “Saddles

  1. Lets hope your undercarriage has survived the hours on the road better than the saddle, Will. I am wondering whether the post about the creaking saddle is simply a pre-cursor to a detailed description of saddle sores and ensuing tropical climate septic wounds. Let’s hope not, eh?


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