Lunch stop

We are getting into the knack of spotting good places to eat. This tiny eaterie with a brick floor, low grey marbled tables and small wooden stools was another gem. We ate: fried spring rolls, tofu in a fresh tomato sauce, a salad of peanut, banana flower, star fruit and grated carrots in a sour fish sauce dressing, a clear fish stock soup, cabbage and finally boiled rice. 

We need food to cycle!

Viet food

I realise I’m staring to post more often about food. This is only because we’re beginning to understand where to go and what to look for in discovering the delights of eating in Vietnam. 

This is something we knew nothing about for lunch today and stumbled across in Son La – Bun Dau – white rice noodles, cooked together and then sliced into pieces and served with herbs, fish dipping sauce, cucumbers, limes, fried tofu and a choice of fried meats. We drank fresh sweetened iced lime juice.


A typical timber stilt house in the district of Quynh Nhai. 

There never appears to be any cross-bracing which reminds me of a student lecture where we were told traditional Japanese timber houses had no cross-bracing so as to allow the structure to move, and not collapse, if there was an earthquake. 

I guess the planes of floors, walls and roof give some structural rigidity.