Everywhere we’ve cycled in Vietnam there’s always a plethora of wedding shops. We could be in the middle of nowhere, a small village, town or city and we will ride past several very smart bridal places displaying everything needed for the big day – matrimonial dresses, bridesmaids gowns, the groom’s suits, photography, and hairstyling. 

We pass the occasions themselves and on Saturday’s lots of them. Yesterday, as we headed south down Highway 1, the main arterial road in Vietnam, we saw several spilling out onto the hard shoulder with lots of parked scooters and big crowds of people. A large tent or marque is erected by the roadside, brightly coloured with pink and white awnings, at the entrance of which, a large picture of the bride and groom is placed.

In Sa Pa outside the main cathedral, a couple were having a wedding video shot of themselves singing along to a backing track, dressed resplendently and being filmed, we guessed, to be shown on their wedding day. It is obviously a big and fashionable business to get married here. The tents are full of people eating and usually some live music being played with someone singing. The shops are stylish and as we walked down the road into the centre of Hue we passed 6 wedding shops in less than 10 minutes all vying for our attention.

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