One thought on “Queenstown 

  1. Hi Will and Yasmin – OK am still extremely jealous (and finding this to be a really expert guide to bicycle maintenance). Can’t believe you guys are still pedalling away furiously. Lucky New Zealand is all flat eh 😉 . I just got back from a week in Singapore with work. Last time I was there was in 1990 backpacking with Tracey. I was asked if it had changed much,but I can’t remember a thing about that last visit except that it was too expensive and given my budget was down to $5 a day we had to head back into Malaysia for a week.

    Liz and I are still spending most of our time at swimming pools acting as taxi drivers for the girls, but to be honest it could be a lot worse – we love watching them swim and they are clearly loving it, it’s cheaper than fencing, and it’s a lot warmer than standing on the touch line of a hockey pitch in sub-zero temperatures.

    Anyway keep blogging and enjoy !

    Chris, Liz, Olivia and Eloise/


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