We’re coming to the last few days of our stay in Kuala Lumpur before leaving for Japan. 

The bicycles are in their boxes ready for our flight to Fukuoka and we’ve a detailed plan for our first month of riding northward, hopefully following the blossom and warmth of springtime. We’ve not pedalled the bikes since arriving in Auckland on 10 March and really miss the riding. The replacement jogging and swimming is just not the same as long days pushing the pedals along open roads.

Our friends from London, David and Rachael, passed through Kuala Lumpur on their way back from a holiday in East Malaysia and we spent several days with them exploring the delights of this quirky city, it’s trendy suburb of Subang Jaya and SS15 where we’re staying. It was really hard to say good-bye to them after hearing all their news from home.

I look out of the hotel window now and there’s the usual late afternoon thunderstorm thrashing the lake and tower blocks opposite. Yesterday, as I travelled with David and Rachael, to visit the Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman, a traditional Malay timber house reconstructed in downtown, we were almost struck by lightening. A huge white bolt hit the roadside along which we were travelling with a massive sonic boom, shaking the car and us inside, scattering rain drops and tree debris across the road. All of us couldn’t believe how close the strike had come despite the metal lampposts and pylons high above us. We were all very lucky not to be hit and to be able to continue on our journeys!

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