Selfie 170412

As you can see a lot has just happened. 

Yasmin is now ok but she slipped and crashed yesterday on a wet descent and was badly cut and crazed on her face and legs. She split her crash helmet which probably saved her. Immediately a passing car stopped and the kind driver, Inoue, came to help ringing for the emergency services as I tried to look after Yasmin who was concussed and bleeding. They came quickly, considering we were in the middle of nowhere, and were amazing. 

Inoue said to go in the ambulance and he’d organise his business’s truck to collect the bikes and bring them to the hospital. This he and his father-in-law did, later dropping me and the bikes at the Onsen, where we went after treatment, to stay. 

At the hospital Yasmin was given fantastic and immediate medical care. She needed two rounds of X-rays and a CAT scan. The nurses and doctors carefully checked and bandaged her, making another appointment for a checkup the following day and sorting the Onsen reservation and accommodation for us. Remarkably she is now alright and in good spirits, recovering and taking things slowly. 

The doctors all spoke excellent English. People were so kind, professional and helpful. We feel so humbled by everyone’s attentions. At this morning’s hospital checkup the doctor gave Yasmin an origami Crane bird, made by her seven year old daughter, who wanted to wish Yasmin good luck on her further cycling journey. We almost cried when she handed over the beautifully folded paper bird. 

7 thoughts on “Selfie 170412

  1. Oh no! Just read this. Yasmin, you poor thing. What a terrible fright it must have been. We are so glad that all is ok (from a serious brain injury and bone fractures point of view) – but you’ve had a substantial blow to the face/head with enough force to crack your helmet, so please please rest for a few days. I’m sure you’ve been given medical advice about rest, pain management etc. I also know that you heal quickly, but please don’t rush to set off on your journey again too soon. Will, you also have had a shock! You take care too. We are so happy to hear of the kindness of strangers that you have experienced. In a horrible time for the world, it is so heartening. Sending lots of love and a big hug E&J xx



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