Fukuoka to Hokadate Stats

Finally we reach the last big island of the Japanese archipelago. We have another three weeks of cycling and then the year of pedalling will come to an end.

Japan continues to be a revelation in everything and is somewhere we’ll definitely be returning to but only when we have some better understanding of the language which we’ll try to learn on our return to London.

Hokkaido feels immediately much colder and further north despite being on the same latitude as Rome. Today we had on our warmest clothes just to walk about the old port side town of early merchant houses built typically in timber but with a curious Japanese and northern European twist of sash windows and symetricality.

The stats so far are as follows:

  • Distance ridden – 2,261km
  • Days riding – 24
  • Average daily distance – 94km
  • Longest day – 141km from Muryama to Nr. Minamisaniku
  • Punctures – 01 when my front wheel’s valve got ripped off by my pannier which bounced off over a pavement’s curb
  • Mechanicals – Many. Yasmin’s bike broke when she crashed needing temporary repairs and then a new front brake replacement. We both needed new front tyres as they’d become so worn after New Zealand – a third set. My front wheel’s spoke broke leading to three days of nervous riding on a fully loaded bike with a wheel that was becoming increasingly wobbly until we got a fix in Aomori.
  • Other cyclists – 22. We only count the properly touring variety as otherwise in Japan there are cyclists everywhere!
  • Pies – They remain at 33 as none have been consumed so far on this leg of the journey.

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