Pre and Post-haircut 

This was desperately over due. My sideburns now seem to grow like crazy, becoming large bushes as the rest of my head hair continues to recede. I look ridiculous rapidly unless regularly cropped. My delightful hairdresser does perms too. 

We’re back in Wakkanai after our trip to the islands and will shelter here for the next day and night before cycling south to avoid very wet weather. We’re starting to prepare ourselves for the next bit of our journey via KL, London and LA where we head to Portland to hike south down the PCT. This hike I’ve been wanting to do since about 1997 but have never had the courage to make the time until now. 

A new chapter in our journey approaches as we rest our worn out bikes and change into our long distant hiking gear.

3 thoughts on “Pre and Post-haircut 

  1. Will
    I recently watched the film ”Wild” about a woman facing her demons whilst walking the PCT. Whilst the film was weak, it left me wanting to hike the PCT myself – it sounds great, real wild camping.


    • Neil – the book and film ‘Wild’ have now made the trail very popular and it’s become a bit of an extreme sport to ‘thru’ hike it. So much so that you now have to get a permit from the trail’s association so they can try and stagger the numbers in particular heading from the south to north.

      We’ll try and avoid the rush and ‘trail crush’ by starting in the middle going south. However the best made plans are no use when it comes to the weather. 2017 has the most snow since 1968. As I write now the high Sierras are still snow bound and we will have to see whether the trail is passable in August and September when we will be walking it.

      There’s much more on the subject of the PCT we can talk about when I next see you. Really good to hear from you!



  2. I guess your bikes will be ‘back to form’ after rest and refurbishment!
    Your clothes have served you well—might you contact company to tell them where they have been ?!
    I think hair must be like nails—grow at different speeds according to where they are
    J X


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