The bikes are now in their boxes ready for the flights home. Our kit has performed fantastically well and below we list the star performers and things we might have done differently if we were to repeat this kind of cycling journey again.


  • Mercian and Condor bicycle frames and forks
  • Ortlieb bags
  • Schawble tyres
  • MSR tent
  • Trangia stove
  • Swrve shorts
  • Thermarest matts

To do differently:

  • Simpler bikes – hub gears, disc brakes, Kevlar drive belts and integrated bike stands
  • Shimano group sets for the ease of replacement
  • Smaller lock
  • Less spares and tools
  • Cycle jerseys with rear pockets (we departed with none)
  • Brightly coloured clothing to be more easily seen
  • Arm warmers to keep wet rain jackets off the skin
  • 3 season rated sleeping bags not 2
  • Thermal liners and not ‘cool’ liners for our sleeping bags
  • Thermal socks
  • Thermal gloves

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