Wells Fargo Centre, Portland – 1972

By Charles Luckman who was nicknamed the ‘Boy wonder of America Business’ when he became the president of Pepsodent toothpaste at the age of 30. He built, amongst other buildings, Los Angeles International Airport’s ‘Theme Building’. 

Portland is simply beautiful and we are glad to have arrived safely here. 

Selfie 170726

We’ve almost finished boxing our food for two months and are now busy walking around Los Angeles. 18 miles yesterday out to Santa Monica from West Adams and today a shorter stroll to ‘Langer’s’ for one of their legendary pastrami sandwiches near downtown. They are so enormous that we always only order one and then share it. 

Liberty Building – 1966

By Kurt Meyer and Associates. In ‘An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles’ it says of the building at 1180 S Beverly Drive:

A Los Angeles version of the 1960’s New Brutalism. It’s awkward proportioned seven storey form is a reminder of how architectural fashions come and go.

I like it. The building’s solid mass of concrete and solar shading details make it appear robust and permanent amongst the flimsy lightweight construction that typifies Los Angeles. 

Selfie 170719

We arrived today in West Adams near downtown Los Angeles to stay with Sophie my sister. It’s been over a year and a half since we last saw her!

The blog posts over the next 12 weeks will inevitably be much reduced as I’m not carrying any drawing, watercolour or reading material. Instead, all I have to record our journey will be a smart phone, pencils and a lined note pad. Mobile coverage and WiFi will be very limited.

I’ve a feeling that with so much time focusing on walking the miles Wednesday’s ‘Selfie’ will become predominant in the postings. I’m carrying no shaving gear so there should be some entertainment as I slowly disappear behind a beard. I’m thinking of other things to record – the number of hikers with headphones on, river crossings, campsites – that kind of thing but I’m sure this will change. We’re really looking forward to ‘hitting the trail dirt’ and enjoying America’s great wilderness.

LA and the PCT

We pack today for our 60 day hike from the top of Oregon to Central California. We carry much less gear than before with only two changes of basic clothing and lighter sleeping bags and camping gear. 

No doubt we’ll earn the usual name for PCT hikers as ‘Trail Trash’ whilst attempting to walk the 1,250 miles from Cascade Locks to Mammoth Lakes during August and September. 

We’ll spend the next week or so in LA packing food resupply boxes that we’ll have posted out to ourselves along the trail.  A logistical nightmare which we’ll spend most of tomorrow’s flight resolving along with a ‘dehydrated’ menu. Delicious!

V+A – Amanda Levete

The interiors of the new entrance and exhibition spaces off Exhibition Road to the Victoria and Albert Museum are stunning. However, the exterior courtyard and finishes are poorly constructed with the ceramic tile cladding misaligned and looking already as if to fall off the sloping ‘origami’ folded buildings.