Yasmin’s hairy armpits did the trick and we managed to get a lift around the next trail closure to the small town of Yreka. We need to get to Etna to pick up the trail 10 miles from there but today will be a rest day after the exploits of yesterday.


We were both alone and in company yesterday on the trail. 

There were rumours from previous passing northbound hikers that the trail ahead into Seiad Valley was closed. When we started walking the forest fire smoke was worse than normal and suddenly there were no more hikers. The trail was empty of its traffic. Typically in a day we count up to 40 or more hikers but only 2 passed in the early morning and then there were none. This was alarming as it meant the trail was closed and the fire was potentially a real hazard.

We decided to hike the remaining day’s 28 miles to get off the trail and into the relative safety of Seiad Valley by continuing along the trail as quickly as possible. A big walking day for us which we managed arriving in the dark to the tiny town. 

However, as we pushed through the miles we kept seeing these huge foot prints. Bear or Big Foot? Can somebody please reassure us? They are massive when you see the point of the heal. 

Selfie 170823

We’ve just walked across Oregon, missing the trail sections around Mt Jefferson and Crater Lake which were closed due to fires. The distance walked to this point is around 321 miles. A distance which is really nothing compared to the northbound hikers who’ve just crossed California!