Stats after 2 weeks

My first footwear, expensive light weight trail running shoes, almost crippled me after only 4 days of walking. Above are the replacements, the cheapest Nike trainers from Fred Myers, an American supermarket chain, at $48. They saved my feet from further torture and are fantastically comfortable!

Our stove also failed and we had two days of cold rehydrated food. Luckily we managed to get a cheap replacement gas burner and cylinder at the store in Shelter Cove. And guess what? They’re simpler, lighter and easier to use than my ‘state of the art’ camping stove which we’ll post out, off the trail, tomorrow. 

The Stats so far are as follows:

  • Walked 225 miles
  • Seen 9 deer
  • Forded 2 rivers
  • Passed 540 other hikers of which:
  • 12 had dogs
  • 8 were on horses
  • 1 was barefoot 
  • 2 were wearing kilts
  • 6 were playing music from speakers
  • 42 were listening to headphones 
  • 14 were heading southbound

Crescent Lake

The trail and Oregon are spectacularly beautiful. The wilderness and silence overpowering. This is the view from the lake towards what I think are the Diamond Mountains. 

We swam and had an afternoon’s rest here whilst I managed to make a drawing.