Keeping Warm

We’ve no proper winter gear for hiking in this kind of weather. Not even gloves. It’s been heatwaves more recently and this early winter cold front has taken us and everybody else by surprise. 

We take a ‘zero day’ today in South Tahoe, as they say on the trail, checking the forecasts, snow conditions on the higher elevations and getting some cold weather gear to see us through to Yosemite and onto Mammoth Lake and our ‘finish’ in early October. 

Walking through the swirling snow was like being inside a Turner painting, all movement and change as we carefully tracked the trail through the woods. This should very soon turn to much warmer weather, more typical for this time of year, as we continue south. 

3 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

    • Cold, a little scary but very beautiful. The cold snap is clearing with warmer weather to come. We should be good to continue in 48hrs. It’s remarkable how robust one can become and already we’re looking forward to being back on the trail and walking. Need to stretch those legs! Wx


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