Final PCT Stats

We’ve reached Mammoth Lake and completed our through section hike from Cascade Locks at the top of Oregon to central California. Emotions of extreme tiredness, sadness and euphoria at completing what we’d set out to do pervade every non-hiking moment as we decompress before returning to LA. 

Stats update with previous figures in brackets and new categories in italics:

  • Walked 1,025 miles (536)
  • Seen 69 deer (34) with a young stag on our last day
  • Forded 5 rivers (2)
  • Seen 8 snakes (4)
  • Seen 3 bears
  • Almost trod on 1 rattle snake 
  • Passed 898 (751) other hikers of which:
  • 18 had dogs (17)
  • 8 were on horses (8)
  • 1 was barefoot (1)
  • 3 were wearing kilts (3)
  • 17 were playing music from speakers (15)
  • 97 were listening to headphones (88)
  • 54 were heading southbound (31)
  • 1 was traveling with a goat train
  • 1 was wearing a neck tie
  • 2 were carrying musical instruments

7 thoughts on “Final PCT Stats

  1. An amazing journey . Congratulations You have a achieved what you set out to do.
    I was unable to follow your every step but daily looked at the map and recently noticed both the steepness and the height not to mention the weather !!
    Now time of adjustment as you decend and prepare for days in LA
    I feel emotional myself


  2. Hi Will

    I can’t remember – when are you back – and have you got any work plans for when you do return? Matthew was asking me earlier so that’s why I’m asking. He’s included in this email…


    Inviato da iPad



  3. You are both incredible. What an achievement! How are you going to go back to *normal life* after the last 15 months??? Sending a big hug xx ps thanks for the beautiful photographs


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