We turn off the trail here after 7 days of walking to catch the train to Inverness and our return to London. Hard hiking in the beautiful Western Highlands. Wonderful weather with extremes of bright sunshine and big winds.

Our hiking legs are back!

Fort William to Ullapool

I’ve not posted here for a long while. Since finishing the section of the PCT trail in the autumn of 2017 our adventures have continued with London and new working lives.

We use our time carefully to do useful and meaningful things but have really missed our time hiking. So, we’re heading back to Scotland to walk a section of the western highlands towards Cape Wrath.

Above is a picture of all my gear, including the tent, stove and fuel, weighing around 11kg. We’ll share carrying the food for the 8 days and 120 miles. Below is my finished pack and our daily food bags. We can’t wait to board the night sleeper and to be heading north!