Crescent Lake

The trail and Oregon are spectacularly beautiful. The wilderness and silence overpowering. This is the view from the lake towards what I think are the Diamond Mountains. 

We swam and had an afternoon’s rest here whilst I managed to make a drawing. 

Sumio Goto

A fantastic artist who we stumbled across as we headed south from the north of Hokkaido to Sapporo. This is ‘big’ pigment painting. Layers of colour layered with a kind of glue, not water, across a canvas which needs to dry before the next wash is applied. They can literally take years to finish with the artist having multiple pictures on the go for prolonged periods until completed. The colours are staggeringly good, vibrant and zinging out of the canvas.

‘Sweets’ from Sapporo¬†

The ‘Central’ department store contains five floors of stationary, artist materials, pens and paper, calligraphy equipment, a printing shop and cafe. I spent ages just looking at the Japanese water colours – Gansai Tambi – before making a selection. They are renowned for stunning colour pigmentation and for being long lasting. The new watercolour papers are 70% bamboo and at a size closer to A4 rather than the A6 and A5 I’ve been confined to.