Pho 06

The best beef noodles soup so far. We had this for breakfast in Quang Tri. Really very good – refreshing clear broth with fresh noodles and herbs. 

For lunch we had another local variation, fish and thick rice noodles called Bun Ca, typical of the region around the city of Hue. 

Pho 01

Carrying on from where pies left off – Pho – a flat rice noodle soup. 

We ate this lunch at KOTO, a restaurant run by a charity to train street kids hospitality skills. Above we had a Pho Bo (beef) and a Pho Ga (chicken). Very good and a Hanoi speciality. I’d not eaten this before and this is the first of probably many. The broth works surprisingly well with a bit of chilli to make a very refreshing thirst quenching meal.