Refreshment 08

Winter melon drink with lunch today. Definitely tasting of the fruit but also with a hint of soya bean. 

The lunch plate consists of freshwater fish, pork rib, meat omelette, morning glory (green vegetable) and young bamboo shoots (I’m guessing). Accompanied by a clear stock soup with spring onions and gourd, and a big bowl of boiled rice. 

It was good and the place got busy with local workers as we ate. 

Refreshment 06

Tea and biscuits. I know it sounds odd to crave something so homely but after a hot day in the saddle ‘tea time’ is so good.

Some of the guest house rooms have cups, tea pot and kettle, and we now carry tea bags, UHT milk and butter cookies. 

Often the first thing we do, after arriving and having a shower, is to make a brew.