Selfie 170726

We’ve almost finished boxing our food for two months and are now busy walking around Los Angeles. 18 miles yesterday out to Santa Monica from West Adams and today a shorter stroll to ‘Langer’s’ for one of their legendary pastrami sandwiches near downtown. They are so enormous that we always only order one and then share it. 

Selfie 170719

We arrived today in West Adams near downtown Los Angeles to stay with Sophie my sister. It’s been over a year and a half since we last saw her!

The blog posts over the next 12 weeks will inevitably be much reduced as I’m not carrying any drawing, watercolour or reading material. Instead, all I have to record our journey will be a smart phone, pencils and a lined note pad. Mobile coverage and WiFi will be very limited.

I’ve a feeling that with so much time focusing on walking the miles Wednesday’s ‘Selfie’ will become predominant in the postings. I’m carrying no shaving gear so there should be some entertainment as I slowly disappear behind a beard. I’m thinking of other things to record – the number of hikers with headphones on, river crossings, campsites – that kind of thing but I’m sure this will change. We’re really looking forward to ‘hitting the trail dirt’ and enjoying America’s great wilderness.

Selfie 170712

London – we love you! 

We’re passing through town very quickly, dropping off the bikes and picking up our lightweight hiking gear before heading west. 

A dreadful picture of me but the idea with these regular Wednesday photographs was that they captured ‘worts and all’ of our travelling progress.

Selfie 170607

Dreadful picture but it’s been incredibly windy. Mt Rishiri behind us we climbed halfway up for spectacular views above the cloud line of nearby Rebun Island to where we’ll catch the ferry tomorrow. 

Selfie 170531

Leaving the woods of our campsite this morning in Shiraoi on day four of nine heading to the very top of Hokkaido. 

I’m starting to look very grubby which we resolved later in the day with a stop enroute at an Onsen – a Japanese bath house. 

Selfie 170517

This is ‘the morning after’ selfie as we rode 141km to reach our campsite on the north east coast of Honshu yesterday and were too busy pedalling to remember to snap a shot. 

The coastline was badly devastated by the tsunami, evidence of which we saw in the dimming light with nonexistent towns and roads that our paper maps were describing. Everywhere there is continuing reconstruction. 

We ride northward following the coastline for the next four days.