Kit post prologue

I’ve had a clear out of any duplicity and redundancy of equipment following the 5 day ride to Cornwall. The approximate total weight I’d estimated to have been carrying was around 16kg excluding the clothes I’d have been wearing. This can now been reduced further by a another 4.6kg as I cull the items listed below:

Large Moleskine note pad – 286g

Sunglasses case – 102g

Guide – 332g

Maps – 270g

Bike tool spares, cables etc – 888g

Solo cycling vest – 134g

Swrve khaki jeans – 588g

PEdALED jacket – 394g

Pearlizumi gloves – 174g

Helmet rain cover – 30g

Umbrella – 212g

Water filter – 758g

Assos bibs – 214g

Water colouring dish – 36g

Light mitts – 44g

TOTAL – 4,462g

This gets my load down to 11.4kg which is a much better leaner weight to be carrying. I expect the remaining items will be further culled again but for now, I just can’t see what can be further discarded. I’m already having second thoughts about the water filter…