Kit pre-departure



I’ve done a dummy packing exercise to see how little I can get away with in my panniers. Alastair Humphreys always suggests that for any longterm travel plans never take more than required for a short weekend away. For me this translates as follows:

3 x y of clothing of which 1 x y you’ll be wearing

Everything else is essentials only to achieve the trip. Below is the list, excluding wash stuff, sun cream, swimming gear, and a cup and spoon, that currently resides on my bed:

Basic cycle touring and camping kit:

Ties for rack 32g

MSR Mutha Hubba 3 person tent 2,800g

Alpkit sleeping matt 402g

Mountain Hardware 3 season bag 1,120g

Sea to Summit coolmax bag liner 270g

Trangia fuel bottle pump (with fuel) 478g

Fuel bottle 76g

Trangia stove and kerosene burner 1,550g

Medical kit 136g

Bag of bike bits – spares, inner tubes, pump, WC trowel etc 1,200g

Atadyn water filter 746g

Ankar solar panels 492g

Ortlieb water bags 2L and 4L 200g

Kryptonite bike lock and cable 1,850g

TDK portable speaker 190g

Total 11,542

Clothes etc (2 x y):

Patagonia stuff jacket 368g

Money/document bag 200g

Tifosi sun glasses 136g

Muji flip flops 160g

Moleskine note pads and pen 296g

2 x transworld plug adapters 58g

Madison spare sunglasses 44g

Solo mussette bag 56g

Bag of camping bits – head torch, washing line, matches, lighter, flint, etc 620g

Reading glasses 166g

Kagoul 344g

Bike lights, rechargeable 118g

Floppy hat 90g

Cycling cap 30g

Mitts 30g

Gloves 68g

Assos bib shorts 210g

2 x bandanas 60g

2 x Rohan briefs 100g

2 x Pearlimuzi socks 66g

Cotton pyjama shorts and t-shirt 316g

Swrve shorts 246g

Rohan t-shirt 146g

HellyHansen short sleeve shirt 245g

Rebock running t-shirt 132g

Rohan thick socks 96g

Total 4,401

And wearing clothes (1 x y):

Swrve trousers 602g

Rohan long sleeve shirt 156g

Rohan t-shirt 146g

Bandana 30g

Rohan briefs 50g

Pearlimuzi socks 33g

Cycling shoes 1,024g

Mobile and charger 200g

Total 2,241

There are more ‘adds’ for plastic CTC bike bags, bottles, maps and books but this is a working list to make a start on for the final packing. The panniers when filled were not bursting or overloaded. One small front bag was almost empty so there should be plenty of room for food and extra water in the Australian outback. As the famous modernist architect Mies van der Rohe once said ‘Less is more’ which equally applies well to both architecture and cycling.